Monthly Archives: March 2016

11 Cool Things to Do with Old IT Equipment

Do you have old computers, printers, monitors or other outdated IT equipment just sitting around the office, taking up space and making things look cluttered?  Here are some tips on what you can do with that equipment from the Young Entrepreneur Council: 11 Cool Things to Do with Old IT Equipment

Why Do You Need LinkedIn?

We have Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest and who knows how many other forms of social media out there.  We have places to post birthday pictures, sell an old television, rant about political figures, and share our favorite recipes.  Some of us are nearly burnt out on social media.  So why do we… Read More »

12 Tips for Troubleshooting Your Internet Connection

In this age of wifi enabled thermostats and smartphone apps that manage the diagnostics on our cars, we depend heavily on that all too important internet connection.  What do we do when we cannot connect?  Before you pay for a service call, check out these tips from John Delaney of on how to troubleshoot… Read More »