Monthly Archives: January 2017

Windows 10 anniversary update: Security and privacy, hope and change?

You may recall that last year WeLiveSecurity presented a detailed white paper examining Windows 10 from a privacy and security perspective. Apparently, many readers found this helpful, particularly IT professionals contemplating enterprise upgrades to Windows 10 from earlier versions. With a number of analysts now predicting that 2017 will be the year most enterprises make the move to Windows… Read More »

Ransomware spreads through weak remote desktop credentials

Stolen or weak remote desktop credentials are routinely used to infect point-of-sale systems with malware, but recently they’ve also become a common distribution method for file-encrypting ransomware. In March, researchers discovered a ransomware program dubbed Surprise that was being installed through stolen credentials for TeamViewer, a popular remote administration tool. But the trend had started… Read More »

The Many Evolutions of Locky

First spotted in February 2016, the Locky crypto-ransomware has become a dangerous threat to both large organisations and residential users alike. In this blog we give a brief overview of what Locky is and cover the significant aspects of its infamous history. What is Locky? Locky is a crypto-ransomware which aims to infect machines, encrypt sensitive… Read More »