Which laptop should I buy?

By | October 31, 2017

Here’s a question which we at Epsilon get asked all of the time – which laptop or tablet should I buy?

It’s a much bigger question than it may seem and fractions into a whole bunch of others. How much are you willing to put down? How do you plan to use this device? What types of apps to you expect to download? How long do you expect to keep it? How much battery life do you need?

We found a podcast presented by Wired.com in which a great discussion is hosted, and it may help you to understand these types of questions more  clearly. Pleases note that this podcast is longer than what we normally present to you, but the speakers make some very good observations about laptops and mobile devices, and we think it’s worth the listen.

For a long time, Chromebooks have been derided as not being “real computers.” The truth, which continues to grow increasingly clear, is that most people don’t need anything with capabilities beyond what a Chromebook offers. Recent updates that give you the ability to run Android apps make this reality even more crisp. This week, the hosts talk about the Pixelbook, Chromebooks in general, iPads, MacBooks, Surface devices, and boring old Windows laptops. But real talk, just get a Chromebook—especially if you just need something other than a work-issued laptop.

Click here to listen to the podcast.