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  • Is a service-oriented company located in Richmond, Virginia. Epsilon provides high quality, personalized service.
  • The philosophy at Epsilon is that information technology is a tool that when properly applied will increase productivity and efficiency and will allow small business to produce a big business product. When improperly applied information technology can be an anchor that drains your resources and frustrates your employees.
  • Epsilon is dedicated to providing the necessary resources to make sure that IT works for your organization.
  • Some of the resources that Epsilon will provide are on-site support, rapid turnaround of hardware issues, preventative upkeep of hardware, regular maintanence of software, long-term planning and training.

Your time is valuable and your skills are unique.

  • If you are spending time tracking down a virus problem or troubleshooting a bad hard disk or searching for a new computer then you are not producing your product, servicing your customer or marketing your business.
  • Epsilon is here to make sure that you focus your attention on what is important. Epsilon will keep your computer running so you can focus on your customer.