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Windows 10 anniversary update: Security and privacy, hope and change?

You may recall that last year WeLiveSecurity presented a detailed white paper examining Windows 10 from a privacy and security perspective. Apparently, many readers found this helpful, particularly IT professionals contemplating enterprise upgrades to Windows 10 from earlier versions. With a number of analysts now predicting that 2017 will be the year most enterprises make the move to Windows… Read More »

The FCC just passed sweeping new rules to protect your online privacy

Federal officials delivered a landmark ruling in favor of online privacy Thursday, limiting how Internet providers use and sell customer data, while asserting that customers have a right to control their personal information. Under the Federal Communications Commission’s new rules, consumers may forbid Internet providers from sharing sensitive personal information, such as app and browsing… Read More »

What to do if your Yahoo account was hacked

The company said on Thursday at least 500 million user accounts were affected by a massive data breach. The hack happened in 2014, when “state-sponsored actor” stole account information, including names, emails, passwords, telephone numbers and answers to some security questions. So what should you do if you have a Yahoo account? First and foremost, you’ll want to… Read More »