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10 things in real life we wish we could back up

You stare at the screen dismayed as Microsoft Word sputters and crashes, frantically trying to save your work. Not this time buddy — looks like you’re SOL. The only thing to do is grab another cup of coffee and start over again. We’ve all been there before. And in IT, we’ve also been on the… Read More »

Nexus 7 discontinuation

The Note 7 has been discontinued following continued problems with its battery, yet more than 1 million potentially dangerous Note 7 handsets are still in use and, unbelievably, people are still attempting to take the Note 7 aboard flights (Samsung has now set up booths in airports to collect the faulty phones). If you own… Read More »

What is your disaster recovery plan?

Last week, Delta Air Lines was forced to cancel hundreds of flights across the nation after a power outage caused major problems with their computer systems. Some of their critical systems and network equipment failed to roll over to the backup system following the outage. Below is an article from the Wall Street Journal outlining the issues… Read More »

Last Week for Free Windows 10 Upgrade

This is the last week to decide on whether to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Microsoft’s free upgrade program ends on July 29th. Here is an article from Patrick Austin at Consumer Report that looks at some pros and cons of the new operating system. If you need help deciding on whether Windows 10 is right… Read More »

33 million Twitter passwords for sale on the Dark Web

Is your account in danger?  Many of us have never even heard of the Dark Web yet our information might be available on it, for sale to the highest bidder.  Click below to learn more, including how they got the information: Twitter Passwords for Sale

Five Easy Tips for Better WiFi Performance

Frustrated with your WiFi at the office?  Check out this article by Joseph Moran of for some great tips on getting the most out of your wireless network: 5 Easy Tips for Better WiFi Performance

9 Easy Social Media Marketing Tips and Tools

Want to incorporate more social media in your marketing plan?  Are you trying to develop a stronger following on Twitter or Facebook?  Since no two businesses are the same, it is tough to come up with strategies that fit every company; however, there are a few tips that can help you strengthen your online presence.… Read More »

4 Google Best Practices to Get Your Small Business Noticed

It isn’t enough to just have a website these days.  You have to be proactive in drawing traffic to your site.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a variety of practices that move your website higher in searches.  As the internet and the ways we access it change, Google adjusts the algorithm it uses in searches, requiring… Read More »