A critical intel flaw breaks basic security for most computers

One of the most basic premises of computer security is isolation: If you run somebody else’s sketchy code as an untrusted process on your machine, you should restrict it to its own tightly sealed playpen. Otherwise, it might peer into other processes, or snoop around the computer as a whole. So when a security flaw in… Read More »

Our Favorite Gadgets: Best Tech Gifts 2017

This holiday shopping season, don’t just throw money at things because they’re marked down. Instead, buy gifts that retain value. Here are the gadgets we’ve lived with and loved over the past year. Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) Speaker For those who haven’t yet embraced living with a talking speaker, the second-gen Echo is the one… Read More »

Technology poised to dominate 2017 holiday shopping season

For those of us who don’t know any better, we have come to learn that the term 4G LTE refers to wireless broadband speeds that allow us to download data and process applications faster — ten times faster, in fact — than the previous generation of broadband affectionately known as 3D.  While 3D technology required… Read More »

Which laptop should I buy?

Here’s a question which we at Epsilon get asked all of the time – which laptop or tablet should I buy? It’s a much bigger question than it may seem and fractions into a whole bunch of others. How much are you willing to put down? How do you plan to use this device? What… Read More »

WPA2: Broken with KRACK. What now?

On social media right now, strong rumours are spreading that the WPA2 encryption scheme has been broken in a fundamental way. What this means: the security built into WiFi is likely ineffective, and we should not assume it provides any security. The current name I’m seeing for this is “KRACK”: Key Reinstallation AttaCK. If this… Read More »

Harvey and Irma – Reminders to Adopt/Reevaluate Your Disaster Recovery Plan

The effects of hurricanes like Harvey and the approaching Irma should be a reminder to all businesses of the importance of disaster recovery planning. When a storm approaches, a business’s first concern is how to protect its employees and physical property. However, we shouldn’t forget that a natural disaster can also destroy a business’s information and technology assets critical… Read More »

Apple expected to unveil 10th anniversary iPhones at Sept. 12 event

Apple’s faithful fans and investors won’t have to wait much longer to see what the iPhone maker has in store next. The company sent out invitations Thursday announcing Sept. 12 as the date for the company’s annual post-Labor Day showcase. As usual, the famously secretive Apple didn’t say what’s on tap, but this is typically… Read More »

Ukraine police make arrest in NotPetya ransomware case

Ukrainian police have arrested an individual accused of spreading the NotPetya malware, used in a cyberattack that knocked thousands of companies offline earlier this year. An unnamed 51-year-old from the southern city of Nikopol was detained by the state cyber-police last week after a raid was carried out at the alleged attacker’s home. In a… Read More »