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A Full Review of Carbonite, an Cloud Backup Service

Carbonite is one of the world’s most popular cloud backup services, and for good reason. All of their backup plans are unlimited and come with a lot of features, putting Carbonite near the top of my list of unlimited cloud backup plans. Carbonite has been around since 2006 and has a massive customer base, making… Read More »

Why Do You Need LinkedIn?

We have Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest and who knows how many other forms of social media out there.  We have places to post birthday pictures, sell an old television, rant about political figures, and share our favorite recipes.  Some of us are nearly burnt out on social media.  So why do we… Read More »

The Wrong Cable Can Fry Your Laptop

The cost of cables and other computer accessories can get pricey, so it makes sense to look to the discount websites for the significant savings they can offer on those office essentials.  Sometimes, though, going cheaper isn’t always the best decisions for our IT systems.  Check out this article from CNN’s David Goldman looking at… Read More »

The Small Business Holiday Season Survival Guide

The Small Business Holiday Season Survival Guide The holiday season is a long haul for small to midsize businesses (SMBs), stretching from Black Friday and Cyber Monday through late December. The influx of shoppers both online and in person presents a ton of logistical challenges for which to account-from keeping track of inventory assets to securing and ensuring smooth point… Read More »